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Why go?



Personal exploration and growth   


Relief from traumatic incidents

Relationships issues

Anxiety, depression, addictions, grief


My goal is for you to leave the first session feeling understood and finding that ray of light, deep down, that sense of knowing that your life can change. The knowing that you will change your life. 

You will leave the first session with skills you can start applying immediately. It is a beautiful thing to witness yourself as the agent of change in your life.


This is your show and you are in charge.


If you've been to individual counseling, you will find couples counseling very different.  


The focus of each session is to change the patterns causing distress in the relationship.  We try to steer clear of rehashing every negative event and work on patterns emerging in the session. We focus on taking responsibility for hurt, learning to apologize genuinely, and forgiveness. Above everything, regaining trust, essential for a healthy relationship. 

People come to heal long patterns of negativity; heal hurt from infidelity and they also come to rejuvenate and reconnect.  At times couples come to learn to break up and move on in a healthy, loving way. 

Individual and couples counseling are covered under some Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and through some health care insurances. Dr. Bozorg-omid is in-network with Blue Cross, Idaho Physician's Network, Select Health, St. Alphonsus Health Alliance, and United Health Care. Please check with your individual provider to ensure coverage. 

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