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Lift Up

I lost my only child in a car accident on New Years Eve in 2013. From the instant I learned he was gone, I was determined to do everything I could to keep him close to my heart. 

I disagree with the linear option of moving on from our loved ones when all we want to do is hold them tight. So instead of moving away, I say we lift up in our minds and our hearts and reach as high as we can go, to stay connected. Lift away from the pain in our hearts and connect with theirs. 

Lift Up is a fresh new approach to grief.  When we experience a significant loss, we face a wide range of emotions from blinding denial to crushing sadness or fierce rage.

While it's true we want the pain to stop, what we really want is to reconnect. We want to know where they are and if they're okay. We want to resolve anything that was left unsaid. We want to know we will see them again and that they are not gone from us forever. 

Join this small group, for movement, music, meditation and connection. Lift up with us. 

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