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More About QHHT

Who created QHHT? 

QHHT was created by Dolores Cannon, a well-respected author. The technique was developed over a forty year period. Her sessions are documented in seventeen books. QHHT is now taught worldwide.

How long does a session last?

A session may take up to four or five hours to complete. Dress comfortably and eat lightly before a session. A session has three sections: a pre-interview, hypnotic regression, and debriefing.  

Do you come for one or more sessions?

Sessions are intended to be a one time event, however many people enjoy the sessions and may reschedule every so often.

If I'm asleep, how do I know what happens?

Each session is recorded, usually by the participant using their cell phone. The recordings are very important; the effectiveness of the session is greatly enhanced by listening to it days, weeks and months following the session. Do not listen to the induction portion of the recording while driving. 

Is QHHT covered by insurance? How much does it cost?

QHHT is not currently covered under most insurance plans. Each provider determines the cost based on their experience and other qualifications. Dr. Bozorg-omid charges $450/session regardless of the length of the session.

What kind of questions should I bring?

Spend some time ahead of your session thinking about your questions. Jot down anything that comes to mind and we will review them before we start the session. Many people want to know their purpose in life. People are curious about past relationships with people that are important in this life. Health issues are usually a concern for many people. Some people come with three questions other people come with thirty. 

Can I bring a friend along for support?

Having another person in the room can distract from your overall experience and has been found to decrease the depth of the trance. Though the sessions are long, there is a comfortable waiting room available and lots of near by shops and restaurants.  They will be excited to listen to your recording. 

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