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 Dr. Bozorg-omid is the only therapist in Idaho trained and certified in Repair and Reattachment therapy and she is absolutely delighted to share this with you. 

The therapeudic process, discovered by Rochelle Wright, M.S. a gifted therapist in the Seattle area, allows people in grief to greatly diminish their feelings of distress. The highly effective therapy brings about a state of openness in the experiencer and that state of openness allows for, in 95 % of the cases, a connection to be made to the deceased. The opening and connection may be for several minutes up to several hours. The opening and connection is between you and your loved one. The therapist facilitates the opening of the receptive mode, however the perceived connection itself occurs naturally and effortlessly. 

Years of sadness, anger, guilt or remorse are replaced with a peaceful knowing that our loved ones are happy, safe, and often very close by. For many, one session, is adequate. For others, they may wish to experiences connections with others they have lost, including pets, and even those in a coma, or otherwise non-responsive.

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